Fishmeal is a brown powder or cake produced by the following processes:

Mashing → Cooking → Pressing → Drying → Grinding → Sieving

Fishmeal normally has a protein content of between 50% and 65% (depending on the species of fish) and a fat content of 10-12%, which is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids -long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA- offering excellent health benefits. This makes fishmeal such an invaluable part of the diets of aquatic and land animals.

Pet food and aquaculture

The use of fishmeal in animal diets enhances development, growth and reproduction. The nutrient value of fishmeal helps develop resistance to illnesses by improving the immune system of animals and aquatic species.

Our fishmeal is stored in conditions specifically aimed at preserving product quality.

Our fishmeal can be delivered in ‘big bags’ (pallets) or in bulk, as requested by clients.

Fish farm

The types of fishmeal we produce are:

FISHMEAL (by % protein):

Fishmeal 54% min. protein.
Fishmeal 57% min. protein.
Fishmeal 60% min. protein.
Fishmeal 64% min. protein.

FISHMEAL (by species):

Harina de tunidos
Harina de sardina
Harina de salmón
Harina de diferentes especies (Verdel/caballa, chicharro/jurel, anchoa, túnidos…)
Certificado de calidad
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